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Upcoming Events

These events  are for Blackthorns members and invited guests.   Please add your name to the relevant lists in the clubhouse to book your place.

If you visit the Beer & Cider Festival at the Corn Exvhange in Bedford, be sure to look out for our sponsorship sign on a cask from a Derbyshire brewery called: Bang the Elephant.

The brew is Thunderchild and if that name seems familiar, it is the name of the rescue boat in the film, War of the Worlds.

 Start a conversation if it catches anyone’s eye and tell them about us!

I hope the beer is a good one!  

Feed back from the event by the mem bers who attended: a good choice of  ale to associate our name with.

 Celebrate Halloween at the club!

Fancy Dress is optional but always fun to do.

 Fly in on your brromstick and cast a spell or two.

If anyone is able to magic the washing up done, please do!

A free display to all members and their guests.  

There will be a collection on the night if you wish to make a cash contribution towards the cost of the fireworks.

Food and drink for sale all evening.

Plenty of room on the patio so no need for Wellingtons or muddy feet!  

The one social of the year that is for grown ups only, purely to have a night off from the children and grandchildren and an occasion to dress up and be a bit posh!   Tiaras & Top Hats are optional!

A present for each child aged 12 and under.  This will include Grandchildren of members if  the child attends on a regular basis throughout the year.

A pleasant Sunday get together before the start of Christmas at home.

It would prove helpful if you include a list of ingredients with your food contributions in case of  intolerance & allergies.  Gluten intolerance and nut allergies are well known but there are others that are important to be aware of.

Sauna Night

Friday 1st November

Enjoy the Sauna from 6pm

Chicken Curryat 8pm.

Sauna = £2

Meal = £3

Have one or both,

Add your names to the list

on the noticeboard

and pay on the night.