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This year has rushed past us here at Blackthorns; we were busy preparing for our 50th anniversary celebrations and now those events have come and gone!
We had such a good night with live music for our June anniversary event that we booked another duo for our End of Season Ball in September and added a twist by making it a Masked Ball. When we have to get dressed we like to do ourselves proud!
The event included a very nice meal and an evening of music and dancing!
Our social events do not end with the summer season but continue right through the year, whatever the weather!
The Ball was followed by our Halloween - Harry Potter night with wizards and witches whizzing around on broomsticks and pumpkins competing for the prize of best carved lanterns. Next came Firework Night with a competition for the best guy to sit on top of the bonfire and after the spectacular display we enjoyed food from the barbeque and warming mulled wine.
Maintenance work continues throughout the winter months and there is always plenty to do to keep warm and keep social.  Most of our work is done by volunteers amongst the club members which helps keep running costs to a minimum and frees up our funds to spend on necessary additions such as a new heating system to the pool to extend its seasonal usage and keep the running costs down. We are installing a heat exchanger system which I am told is like an air conditioning unit in reverse. The sauna has been built and gives us another reason to attend during the colder months that are looming, as does the wood burning stove. There are always trees to be trimmed or diseased ones to be removed and these are soon cut and split for the fire. It keeps us warm until the spring sunshine is strong enough for us to venture outside, unclothed, once again!
We have a good range of ages amongst our members and have lots to do to keep everyone as entertained and active as they choose and the sun lawns and patio for those who just want to lounge and do no more than chat to friends. While some clubs are sadly closing, ours continues to thrive and as the club owns its own land, it will never be sold from under us. You can join Blackthorns safe in the knowledge that your interest and investment will be ever lasting.
Isn’t this just the best time of the naturist year?  The sun is getting warmer, the plants are getting greener and naturism sounds much more inviting once again!  We will soon be experiencing our explosion of primroses, violets and bluebells together with the trees fresh greenery once again and have the summer sunshine to look forward to here in Pippin Wood that is home to Blackthorns Sun Club.
The wintry memories of our social, “A Bit Of A Do” and our Christmas and New Year Celebrations are still with us but after our Spring Cleaning is done in April we have our 50th Anniversary to look forward to!  We are concentrating our celebrations on the weekend of June 13th/14th when we will have live music to dance to and a hog roast to eat from.  Tickets are available from our secretary on 07850989283.  Please bring a tent or caravan and stay the weekend to share in our festivities.  We will then be planning our annual “Family Week” at the end of July, when everyone spends a whole week enjoying sports and activities for all ages and abilities.  “Eat, drink and be merry” is the motto for the week! Despite its name you don’t need to bring your family but they would thoroughly enjoy it if you do!  Roll on summer!  We can barely wait!!
I hope you are reading this in glorious sunshine and enjoying the start of a wonderful summer!
Pippin Wood has its summer coat on and though we miss the spring flowers, especially the bluebells, it does look wonderful in its greenery.
Sitting round the wood-burning stove in our clubhouse, sharing drinks and conversation, saw us through the winter months but we are glad we are now able to congregate round the communal barbeque on the patio after a lazy, sunny day on the lawn.  Winter jobs have been completed and we are all set to reap the benefits and enjoy the summer.
Following some hard work by much appreciated volunteers, we now have a totally refurbished clubhouse to mark our 50th year and we are celebrating in style this month with live music and a hog roast.  Our enjoyment will continue through the year with lots more music and dancing and our annual “Family Week” at the end of July, when there is varied entertainment and fun, for everyone.
We pride ourselves on having a good mix of all ages and a comfortable relaxed atmosphere in which to enjoy naturism and as the club owns itself it is going to remain the best naturist club in the area!  If you have nothing on, come and see for yourselves!
We know how to enjoy life here at Blackthorns especially during our 50th Anniversary year!
Our weekend celebration in June was blessed with fantastic sunshine which just made it all the more special. We enjoyed a hog roast and a duo called “Two True” who provided music for all tastes and kept the dance floor moving!
We had a duck race on the pool, our own team of Morris dancers and a June version of May Pole dancing and a visiting magician! We ate and drank our way through the weekend in high spirits with good company and lovely weather.
Family Week was our annual event of daytime fun and evening entertainment for everyone, covering all ages and activities, starting with a “Super Hero’s” fancy dress night and ending with a Barn Dance.  We will soon be holding our End of Season Masked Ball with a meal and live music, but the year isn’t over just yet!  We still have lots to do! The lush greenery of the wood and its birdsong and wildlife provides peace and serenity to compliment the busy social life that takes place by the clubhouse and pool.  The children have a play area and their own clubhouse and plenty of space to run around and let off steam in safety within our family environment.  It doesn`t end when the sunshine weakens: the club remains a social hub throughout the winter too and now we will have a wood burning stove and a sauna, to comfort us through the colder months.
Autumn 2009