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Well, here we are again, approaching the end of a wonderful naturist season at sunny Blackthorns!
We look back with winner’s pride at the Eastern Region Petanque, Volley Ball and Table Tennis games in June and ahead to continued competitive fun.  
We had a mixed bunch of Tarts & Tramps visit the clubhouse that month and there was much competition there too.  I think the men won with some rather good looking legs and sensational tresses that left us ladies a little envious!
The children put great effort into fundraising for their own facilities and their disco theme was “stars of book & film”.  This just left the July/Aug Family Week disco to dress as the “Flintstones” so the stockings & high heels were put away for this night of clubbing!  Family Week is the highlight of our club calendar as there is such community spirit during this week when all the members really join together for a fun packed time.  The yellow ducks flew in to the pool once again for their annual duck race and the children had their sports day too. Every morning was “coffee morning” on the patio and every afternoon and evening taken up with quizzes, pub games, fish & chip supper, barbeques and cocktails and the week ended with a Barn Dance.  Though the barn was imaginary the dancing was very real indeed and we hoe downed and promenaded into the night! But don`t be fooled into thinking we have been distracted …..we know how to party at Blackthorns but we know how to work hard too!  We might have thoughts of our End of Season Ball looming, and the Halloween, Guy Fawkes and Christmas celebrations to come, but our sporting teams are ready to spring into action, quite literally, next Spring!  See you then!
Here we are back in the favourite time of the Naturist calendar when the weather is showing definite signs of improving and warming: everything to look forward to!
Blackthorns held a wonderful Halloween party when the spirits ran amok in Pippin Wood and there followed a marvellous Firework night; once again due to Howard’s professional display and his warming mulled wine. Visitors to the club were quite taken by the friendly atmosphere and merriment shared by one and all.  It was soon time for our Yuletide season which began with a Christmas Dinner cooked and served by our wonderful volunteer chefs. There followed our annual “Bit of a Do” when we dress up and dance the night away and then our family informal get together on a Sunday before Christmas when we welcome Father Christmas to visit the children in our midst who must be as good as I always say they are as he brought them presents once again!
New Year festivities came and went, much like many of our well intended Resolutions!  The next thing you know it is rapidly approaching Easter and we are all hoping for a hot sunny one like last year……..we don`t want much, do we?!  Fingers crossed we get what we are wishing for and whilst waiting for the sunshine to laze around in and the pool to warm up enough to wallow in; we have ample space and opportunity to practise petanque, improve our volleyball and master miniten. Try your hand at our crazy golf course and if you want to belong to a club with such enthusiasm and expectation, then come and join us at Blackthorns and marvel at the bluebells in bloom and share in our community spirit – there is plenty to go around!
Well what a wonderful hot sunny May Bank Holiday!
The trees were in their new bright spring colours and highlighted by a carpet of Bluebells, the birds were singing loudly, the pool was re-opened and the kiosk was selling ice creams – summer was starting!
Our lawns and patio are perfect to catch the sunshine but the shade of the woodland walks is much appreciated during our hot spells and a delight to meander through with so many plants to look for and birdsong to listen to – our little haven from the more mundane world outside.
The Psychedelic 60’s night and the Gangster & Molls Disco were great fun and we are just awaiting an influx of Tarts & Tramps one Saturday night this month.
The communal barbeque is well used and provides a good focal point to gather round – we generally let the men think they can cook better than the ladies so that we can sit back and enjoy the setting sun on the patio.  It’s a great way to end the day.
We are looking forward to our “Family Week” starting at the end of July when there is even more entertainment: something to suit everyone – and always an eventful fun packed week, enjoyed by all.  
Of course there has still been time for volley ball, table tennis, crazy golf, petanque and miniten competitions for the more energetic among us. These games are played by all ages and at all skills and always for fun!
I’m not even going to mention Halloween or Bonfire Night as I am too busy enjoying the summer to even think about them……….but I know they will be there to keep us entertained when these balmy days are passed.
What a great Autumn we had at Blackthorns!  Although we feel our Family Week in July/Aug is our main event we always manage to continue having fun throughout the seasons and Sept saw us waving our Union Jacks to the “Last Night of the Proms” and dining in dinner suits and smart frocks for our “End of Season Ball”.  Of course Halloween found us entertaining some ghastly ghostly figures and witches and wizards flew in on their broomsticks to ward off the dark spirits with their pumpkin lights.
The Suntreckers held another 3 day rally to coincide with our fabulous firework night when we had a huge bonfire and professional display from our resident pyrotechnic expert.
December starts off with our “Bit of a Do” social when the smart attire comes out again…….when we naturists need to dress we do it with style!  This will soon be followed by our Sunday Get Together when we expect to be honoured by a visit from Father Christmas as we have been very good all year.  There will be a break from the winter chores in and around Pippin Wood whilst we celebrate Christmas and the New Year and once recovered we shall soon be planning our Spring Cleaning programme and ways to celebrate our 50th year as a club.  We are proud to have such a history and be constantly evolving and expanding and always full of fun and friendship.  We cater for all ages with varied means of sports and relaxation for all and as a member’s only club, owned and run by the members, we are confidant Blackthorns will continue to thrive.