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Blackthorns Fireworks.

Blackthorn’s annual Firework Night takes  place a week later than you might think, but only because we saved the best ‘til last!! 

This could well have been the best display in the area and all due to the fact we have our very own pyrotechnics. This means we have a splendid, safe and professional display to which all members are invited and they are welcome to bring guests and all we ask is for voluntary contributions towards the costs.

The evening starts with hot dogs and burgers cooked outside on our large communal barbeque......a great place to gather round on a chilly night!  Mulled wine, soup, hot drinks are also available to buy.

The fireworks are laid out on the lawn and we can all stand on the patio to watch the sky light up.

This also gives the added advantage of not needing to wear wellingtons and traipse through muddy grass like some places !

And those a little more timid of the loudest bangs can even stay  indoors and still see them  from a distance.

And fireworks over and people make their way back to the barbeque for more food and mulled wine and roundoff the evening in the usual chatty, friendly way that makes Blackthorns the place to be!!

Unfortunately photographs just do not truly capture the thrill of the moment so I can only suggest you join Blackthorns in time for next November!!  You might as well join now and enjoy the summer with us first of course!!  Who knows, we might well have a few more fireworks before then!