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Blackthorns Sun Club was founded in 1959, and since 1969 has been developing its site near Sharnbrook in rural north Bedfordshire. This website provides an overview of the Club and its facilities. If it whets your appetite and you would like to know more, details of how to contact us are elsewhere on this site.

We are lucky enough to own the land outright and therefore we keep costs to a minimum and there is no one owner seeking a profitable income from the club. We are therefore very unlikely to close or to change to a non naturist caravan park like so many have done over the years.  Ours is a thriving club made up of  a wide age group of people from many backgrounds, which makes for an interesting and varied community that becomes a very social scene to belong to.

Principally, of course, Blackthorns offers the opportunity to strip off and enjoy rest and recreation without the encumbrance of clothes. You may even get an all-over tan!

Everything else the club has to offer is a bonus that members can enjoy at the same time as being a naturist.

We have a clubhouse for socialising, and one for the children to keep them amused whilst the parents get more time to relax!

Around the main lawn is also the patio & communal barbeque, a kiosk for drinks & snacks, showers, toilets and sauna. We have a substantial children’s play area.

We have sports facilities: petanque, miniten, volley ball, badminten & crazy golf.

We have an organised social event each month which might include a meal with a disco or live music.

We never have trouble finding someone to attend a naturist site!

We also hold quizzes, bingo, horse racing: anything that brings the members together and creates a fun time for all.

We are pleased to have young families amongst our membership and children are an important part of our club and its future.

We never force children to participate in naturism but they are usually only too keen to shed their clothes and enjoy the freedom our lifestyle gives them.

They have a great environment to enjoy making friends and it’s an amazing educational place to make your children aware of their surroundings and get them away from their electronic world of games and battle, at least for a while!

Whilst we love all the modern facilities we have built up over the years we still respect the woodland that we are lucky enough to be situated in.  It gives us a sheltered, relaxing, natural habitat but we never forget nature was here first!

We look after the woodland and its inhabitants and strive to keep it as natural as possible.  We do not cut all the trees down to make room for more caravans but nurture them so that they remain for generations to come.

This natural site is a haven for wildlife and even if you are not normally a fan of bird watching or flower recognition, it is difficult not to take an interest once you notice the wide variety of life

 within the woods.  We have a carpet of primroses and then bluebells in the Spring. We have woodpeckers nesting each year and native orchids and badgers, foxes and deer.