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Sporting activities play an important part in life at Blackthorns Sun Club. The club is a member of British Naturism and if you are also a member you can take part in their sports events. We are very proud of our sporting history and regularly represent the club at National and even International events.

The sports we offer are suitable for all age groups, and often youngsters will benefit from the guidance and expertise of the club's older members, who have learned their skills over the years. A dedicated Sports Officer ensures there is always a programme of matches to take part in.

Of course people can take part on a less serious level and whenever they wish.  There is no need to be competitive but even the Crazy Golf can be played with the aim of beating your personal best at each hole.

Equipment is available to use so please give it a go anytime.  Just ask around the patio if anyone wants a game or join in Sunday mornings when there are experienced players happy to give you guidance and help you learn tactics.

For the rules of Miniten, go here