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  This has become a club tradition over the years since the first members got together   for a family week at the start of the school summer holidays and spent it at the club   providing entertainment predominantly for their children but it became a week of fun   and activities for every member of the club.


  It always commences with the last weekend of July.

The pool will host water events in between it being the place to cool down in this glorious sunshine.

Our outdoor pool is kept at a comfortable temperature by a heat exchanger and is generally open for use from April to October.

 Many of our members will be staying the whole week on site in their caravans or tents.  Visitors are welcome to bring their own and we have electric hook ups, showers and toilets  to use and the Kiosk will be open for refreshments throughout the  day. On the evenings there is not a meal offered by the club catering team, you are invited to  bring your own food to cook on our large, communal, under cover barbeque. This is in itself a  social gathering around the coals and you can then sit in banquet style on the patio and put  the world to rights over a leisurely meal.  Bring your own wine or beer as we are not licensed premises.

 If this delightful weather should change to rain we will eat indoors or under the gazebo on the patio.

Nothing stops us having fun at Blackthorns!

All events are based on enjoyment -

you don't need to be super energetic or skilled to join in!

  Please add your name to the lists on the notice board in the   clubhouse if you wish to attend an event or order food.

  Saturday Socials & Meals must be booked and paid for in   advance.

  Children’s Breakfast Club Monday to Friday at 10am.

  Breakfast is provided for them.

  They need to supply their own picnic lunch for Wed & Sat. in the clearing.

  Ladies Cocktail Afternoon: Ladies bring contributions of drinks to mix

  but they needn’t be alcoholic if you prefer soft drinks.

  Bring a chair and a glass and come and chat and get to know each other on

  Roni’s Caravan Pitch, no. 25 on the Back Road.


  Men’s Beer tasting night: each bring 2 bottles and add to the table and, using shot   glasses provided, taste the rest and discuss which is best.

  This year will include Lager tasting if you prefer but I suggest you keep them on    separate tables!

  Sunday 5th 1.30pm  BBQ on the patio will have hot-dogs & burgers on sale.

  The kiosk will be open all week selling hot & cold drinks, ice creams, chocolate,   sweets & crisps & possibly cakes!


 Raffle Tickets will be sold all week and drawn Sunday 5th August 1.15pm on the patio.

A holiday week for all our members!

Blackthorns Holiday Week 2018

Saturday July 28th to Sunday August 6th


 Click on the yellow button to see what is happening all week

and choose which parts you wish to attend.

Well what can I say?  You had to be there!  What a week that was!

The sun shone, the children played, we all ate and drank far too much and we all had fun!

Dr Phil Soul Man gave a superb vocal performance the first Saturday after a lovely meal for which he, his wife and 2 friends joined us.. This was their first visit to a naturist club but not their last! They thought it was such a friendly, welcoming place and they enjoyed the night as much as we did!

The children all had a thoroughly busy, active week with lots packed in to keep them happy and entertained every day.  They were of all ages but all gelled to form teams and groups that worked and played together.  It was a joy to see.

They finished the week by wearing their bespoke, personalised Super Hero capes and grown- ups joined them on the patio for an evening of barn dancing.  It was as much fun to watch as it was for them to learn!

The ladies had another afternoon of cocktails and chat and the men had 54 different real ales to try, with only 3 bottles of lager, standing very lonely and isolated on their own table, neglected!

Loud. excited cheers rang through the crowd that night as June became the overall winner of the week long darts competition!  Girl power!  But it’s the taking part that is important, not the winning, or so they say!

So much done, so much to recall, so much to organise, so much energy used, which leaves us with one question: What is the theme to be NEXT year?!