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Blackthorns Sun Club can be contacted by mail, phone or email. Potential new members need to enclose their home address whatever method is used, as application forms for membership and bookings will only be sent by Royal Mail.

The Club and General Enquiries

Blackthorns Sun Club,

Riseley Road,


MK44 1NE

Telephone: 01234 782212

(Answerphone when not available)

The Secretary

Tel:- 01234 782212

email secretary@blackthorns.org.uk

Membership enquiries

Visitor enquiries

Camping and Caravanning Bookings

Telephone: 07759971899

email membership@blackthorns.org.uk

Public Relations, Website & Facebook


Telephone: 07939686951

Weekdays 09.00 - 12.00

Early Evenings & Weekends.